How To Turn a Weekend Getaway Into A Mini-Runcation!

My husband and I visited a couple of friends of his family’s in northeast Iowa recently, and although I attended undergraduate school in northern Iowa, I didn’t do much exploring off-campus, save for a random trip to Hartman Reserve every once in awhile. So when my husband approached me with the idea of a weekend trip, I thought the scenic, picturesque views would be perfect for a couple of low-key, minimal-fuss runs, both solo and with our dogs.


Luckily, my husband understands exactly how much I want to #runallthemiles everywhere I visit, so he brought his bike to cycle behind me. The actual execution wasn’t as flawless as we anticipated…we had so much we wanted to see (and consequently, a bit of driving to do to reach all of our planned destinations), so fitting in an actual run was a bit of a challenge.

The best way to exercise flexibility (see what I did there?!) is to just wear your running clothes and gear to any and all of your outdoor trips. Whenever we’d get close to a trail, the dogs and I would take off running, with my husband and friends within earshot range. Easy miles, done. And if your friends and family are already walking and taking in the sights, they’ll eventually catch up to you, or you’ll be able to circle back and find them. Whenever I do this, I usually use the RoadID app for my husband to pinpoint my location.

These gorgeous views were well-worth my coordinating efforts:


When is the last time you turned a getaway into an opportunity to get some scenic miles in?



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