Capital Striders Annual Dinner + This Week in Running

What a week it has been! A lot of fun, and a little bit of unpredictability.

I’ve only gotten core work done this week as far as strength-training goes, but I’ve done lunges and squats before every run this week, so I think that counts? This hasn’t been the best week for IronStrength, so I’m going to prioritize that workout next week.

On Friday, I attended the Des Moines Capital Striders annual dinner, and had so much fun!

Most dinners I attend are philanthropic in nature and require a nice dress and heels, but for this dinner, Capital Striders running club members had to don their favorite running gear/race shirt, and a medal from their favorite race 🙂 It was a really cute idea. I wore my Chicago Rock n’ Roll race shirt because that’s the first race I’ve ever done in 90 degrees and still managed to PR. I also wore my medal from my second half-marathon, which was last October, because it’s the first half in which I finished in less than 2 hours. I also tried to channel one of my favorite athletes, Sanya Richards-Ross. How did I do?


Talking about my newbie spoils from the past year with other runners in my region during the social hour and dinner was a ton of fun! I also met the hosts of the Run Iowa podcast, and did a segment of their podcast show with them, which was really cool.  We talked trail running, our favorite races, and some of our hard-earned personal records. Very nerdy usie, but I digress…


I also won a Nathan hydration pack as a door prize, which is a lightweight backpack that you can use to carry water, keys, your phone, etc. It’s an absolute must for longer runs without water stops. I remember when I attempted my first 8-miler in the summer heat without water…my husband (then fiancé) had to drive to me and bring me a water bottle. Needless to say, I’ve gotten smarter. I can’t wait to test it out and post a review.


I just finished today’s 6-miler to close out this week of running, and it was a fairly solid week.

This week’s running:

Tuesday: 4-mile treadmill run + core exercises (Russian twists, bicycle crunches, planks, mountain climbers)

Thursday: 3.1-mile speed workout. Hit some paces I haven’t seen since I did track workouts last summer. During this run, I ran the downtown loop near my office and used traffic lights to signal the end of an interval.

Sunday: 6.2 miles total. Ran a 5-mile out and back loop with Nala, dropped her off at home, and finished the last 1.2 miles solo.

This week, I really need to tighten up my nutrition. I did fine during the week, but the Chinese we had last night for dinner has been sticking to my stomach. I felt so heavy during those 6 miles this morning! Looking forward to a new week and another chance to get it right.



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